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Supporting Students

Navitas is a global leader in creating diverse and inclusive communities for international students. We believe that their well-being profoundly impacts their learning outcomes, and we are committed to removing the barriers that may impede their success.

Our pathway programs offer extensive support as learners transition from high school to university in a new country and gain confidence in their educational journey. 

Students learn both inside and outside the classroom. They learn how to build resilience, develop leadership skills, communicate effectively, seek support, solve problems, manage their time, actively participate in their community and advocate for themselves. They gain a sense of belonging through programs that encourage leadership, mentorship, social interaction, and extracurricular activities.

We are extremely proud of our learners’ outcomes – at least 91% of students remain in their pathway program semester to semester and at least 92% of students who complete the program progressed to degree programs in the partner university. 

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