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Agent Relationships

Navitas works closely with more than 400 recruitment staff in 27 countries, managing relationships with 2,300 different recruitment partners and providing access to prospective students in 125 countries.

In working with this agent network, it maintains a high standard of ethical practice, selection, oversight and quality assurance.


Ethical practice

Navitas follows a strict centralized Education Agent Management and Quality System across all Navitas business units globally that exceeds the requirements of provincial legislation, federal policy, and internationally accepted best-practices. The Navitas benchmark is in Australia, the jurisdiction with the strictest legislative requirements.



Navitas ensures the agents it is working with are always representing their colleges and university brands accurately and appropriately.



As one of the largest pathway providers in the world, Navitas can be selective with what agents it works with. Each prospective agent or partner must undergo extensive background checks and training, must clear targets for student success, and must perform their duties in accordance with an Agents’ Code of Conduct. At all times, agents must act in the best interests of students.



Navitas has in-country offices around the world to manage the relationship with agents and students without the time difference and language barrier.



Navitas agents must be transparent with prospective students about admission requirements and available student support at their destination university. They must also be transparent about the steps required for permanent residency in Canada including Post-Graduate Work Permits.

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